OMX is a collaborative platform for accessing procurement opportunities and analyzing the economic impact of organizations in the domestic and international defence, aerospace, oil & gas, mining, automotive and construction industries, and in other complex global supply chains.

The OMX marketplace provides access to tens of thousands of companies by region, size, classification and capability. It also contains a robust transactional system for connecting companies through collaborative data and document management. The platform generates real-time analytics and reporting to ensure companies are compliant with procurement obligations.

OMX is a technology company, led by industry and empowering Canadian and international businesses to increase efficiency, reduce cost and ensure optimum economic benefits from government procurements.

Meet the OMX Team

Talmon Firestone, Director of Corporate Development
Maayan Beeber
Global Corporate Development
Hayley Clift, Account Manager
Hayley Clift
Account Manager
Jon Elkin, Vice President of Client Services
Jon Elkin
Vice President of Client Services

Katherine Jacome, Account Manager
Katherine Jacome
Account Manager
Megha Khirwal, Account Manager, Customer Success
Megha Khirwal
Account Manager, Customer Success
Tayarna King, Accountant
Tayarna King

Godfrey Nthunzi, Account Manager
Godfrey Nthunzi
Account Manager
Timothy Quinn, Chief Technology Officer
Timothy Quinn
Chief Technology Officer
Mandeep Saini, Chief Financial Officer
Mandeep Saini
Chief Financial Officer

Isabela Tonon, Front-End Developer
Isabela Tonon
Front-End Developer
Nicole Verkindt, President
Nicole Verkindt

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

OMX's advisory board is made up of a cross section of top-tier industry executives, including offset managers, government relations experts, technology consultants, international offset specialists and Canadian defence and aerospace representatives.

We believe that a strong advisory board ensures the platform stays at the forefront of industry needs. OMX works closely with its advisory board through constant consultation, collaboration and iteration, and through quarterly board meetings.

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To date OMX has been 100% funded by Canadian founders, private angels, and government organizations such as the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Coral CEA, NRC-IRAP, the Mars Youth Investment Accelerator and The Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation.

All technology is built in Canada by OMX employees.

OMX is proud to have 100% Canadian Content Value.

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OMX is a member of the Global Offset and Countertrade Association (GOCA) and, the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), the Southern Ontario Defense Association (SODA), the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) and the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC).


OMX is patent pending in the US and internationally.

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