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ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

Head Office
1-6703 Rajpur Place
British Columbia
V8M 1Z5

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Last Updated Dec 31, 2017

Organization profile

ASL Environmental Sciences has provided oceanographic services and instruments to a worldwide market since 1977. Clients include Canadian and US government departments and agencies, universities in North America, Europe and Japan, the offshore oil industry, hydroelectric power utilities, engineering firms, and the aquaculture industry. ASL provides a full range of physical oceanographic consulting services including flow measurement, numerical modeling, wave measurement and analysis, sediment transport and ice studies. ASL has... more »

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada


77000000 - Environmental Services, 77100000 - Environmental management, 30222309 - Research or testing facilities, 81151800 - Oceanography and hydrology, 81151803 - Physical oceanography, 81151802 - Estuarine oceanography, 81151801 - Oceanographic survey, 41103323 - Open channel acoustic flowmeter, 41111939 - Acoustic sensors, 81112002 - Data processing or preparation services, 77101503 - Environmental indicators analysis, 43232605 - Analytical or scientific software, 73171601 - Scientific instruments or measuring equipment manufacture services, 77101701 - Environmental sciences advisory services, 81150000 - Earth science services, 82111503 - Academic or scientific article writing, 20142400 - Ocean floor equipment, 41110000 - Measuring and observing and testing instruments, 41111700 - Viewing and observing instruments and accessories, 41100000 - Laboratory and scientific equipment, 41111931 - Flow sensors, 41115200 - Radar and sonar systems and components, 41115501 - Sonars
541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, 334519 - Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing , 541712 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology) , 541710 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences, 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services, 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services, 532490 - Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing
E000 - Environmental Services B101 - Environmental Studies Development of Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments AZ00 - Other Research and Development AL11 - EMPLOYMENT (BASIC) AD44 - R&D-TEXTILES,CLOTHING,ETC-ENG DEV AD43 - R&D-TEXTILES,CLOTHING,ETC-ADV DEV AL26 - R&D-INCOME MAINT-MGMT SUP AC94 - R&D-MISC HARD GOODS-ENG DEV 2090 - Miscellaneous Ship and Marine Equipment 5845 - Underwater Sound Equipment 6655 - Geophysical Instruments 6660 - Meteorological Instruments and Apparatus 6695 - Combination and Miscellaneous Instruments 9999 - Miscellaneous Items ENVR - ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS AND RELATED TEST METHODS GINT - GEOSPATIAL INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY INST - INFORMATION PROCESSING STANDARDS AND TECHNOLOGY IPSC - INFORMATION PROCESSING STANDARDS FOR COMPUTERS MISC - MISCELLANEOUS MSSM - MODELING and SIMULATION STANDARDS and METHODOLOGIES 7010 - ADPE System Configuration 7030 - ADP Software
5120002423908 - Soft-Face Hammer 5120002221536 - Screw Clamp 5120002221534 - Screw Clamp 5120002431697 - Socket Extension (Solid Shank) 5120002130321 - Spanner wrench

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