OMX Elite

Work with OMX to ensure you're fully prepared and focused on chasing offset-based opportunities

How it works
OMX will collaborate to take your existing marketing materials and update them into a focused brochure which is relevant for chasing offset-based business. We'll also use our skilled resources to promote your company through social media and other media outlets, where appropriate.


Build up your company profile on OMX based on maximizing use of keywords.
Coordinate with you to deliver the marketing document, with custom messaging, that will be sent to all identified targets in the OMX.
Provide a full list of targets Prime and Tier 1 companies to target (bookmarked within your OMX profile).
1 year subscription of the Connect or Manage license of OMX (, includes 1 hour of custom online training based on targets identified.
Push your company's story out through social media and traditional media channels and pitch the story to the OMX Defence Innovation column in Vanguard magazine. (Vanguard reserves the right to approve or decline such story proposals).