OMX Announces Completion of Canadian Content Management Platform

Platform will boost "buy Canada" strategy: OMX founder Nicole Verkindt

OTTAWA, ON – With CANSEC beginning tomorrow, OMX is pleased to announce the official launch of the first custom software developed specifically for the management of Canadian content in military procurements.

The launch follows on the heels of a major shift in the Canadian Government`s procurement strategy. Earlier in the year, Tom Jenkins, Special Advisor to the Minister of Public Works and Government Services, the Hon. Rona Ambrose, and the former Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. David Emerson released two major reports outlining the next steps needed to maximize economic benefits from Canadian procurements.

"OMX is the first platform designed to boost the 'buy Canada' defence procurement strategy by streamlining the specific procedures and processes in the industry," said founder and President, Nicole Verkindt.

Since the company's founding in February 2012, OMX has been working directly with leaders in the aerospace and defence industries to develop features and requirements the sector needs. The platform empowers Canadian and international businesses to improve their ability to leverage government procurements, reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure optimum economic benefits to all Canadians from defence procurements.

"OMX is tailored to provide access and tools to enter the marketplace to SMEs, Aboriginal-owned companies and companies with no experience in the industry" said John Wright, JPOM defence/technology consultant and Chairman of the CADSI SME Committee.

OMX can be found at Full demonstrations are available for companies interested in learning more.

Backgrounder is available below.

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The OMX platform provides access to tens of thousands of Canadian companies by region, size, local content, certifications and capability, with effective software tools to manage supplier and customer relationships collaboratively across an organization. It consolidates all of the related information required to complete a project, which will make defence contractors more competitive in a sector where there tends to be a lot at stake and entry costs can be heavy.

Major features include:

  • Multiple account types to accommodate everyone from small Canadian suppliers to large international prime contractors;
  • Supply chain management through Canadian content calculations, advanced search, bookmarking and annotation;
  • Secure internal messaging between companies;
  • Robust, offset-specific, collaborative project and transaction management and tracking;
  • Downloadable data for efficient reporting;
  • Secure document repository and external email integration for causality tracking.

OMX's advisory board is made up of a cross section of top-tier industry executives, including offset managers, government relations experts, technology consultants, international offset specialists and Canadian defence and aerospace representatives. The company works closely with its advisory board through constant consultations, collaborations and iteration.

To date, OMX has been 100% funded by Canadian founders, private angels, and government organizations such as The National Research Council and The Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation. OMX is proud to have 100% Canadian content.