OMX Announces Strategic Alliance with NeXsys Group

Supplier reporting tool increases value added for users of the OMX platform

AUG 7, 2013, TORONTO, ON – OMX has announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with Milton, Ontario-based efficiency-audit technology firm, NeXsys Group, in order to help qualify suppliers in the OMX marketplace.

NeXsys delivers cutting-edge Business Process Management Systems (BPMS™) and services to optimize a supplier's people, processes and IT infrastructure to deliver true enterprise-wide efficiency, profitability and cost savings across the supplier's organization. BPMS™ provides management with "Dashboard Reporting" on the operational state-of-health of an organization. NeXsys designs and implements these solutions for the military, aerospace and automotive sectors, assisting buyers with qualifying their supply base and suppliers in improving their competitiveness. "We are really looking forward to working with the team at OMX and leveraging their platform to provide additional value-add to both sides of the equation. At NeXsys, we help buyers qualify their supply chain, as well as assist suppliers in preparing them for what will be required of them in a sophisticated supply chain – such that the aerospace industry demands" remarked Doug Sutherland, Founder & CEO of NeXsys Group.

The alliance with NeXsys is an ideal one for both buyers and suppliers, says OMX founder Nicole Verkindt, since it allows small-to-medium enterprise suppliers to achieve international certifications more quickly, increasing their visibility and competitiveness in the marketplace. The agreement with NeXsys provides an impartial, objective third party service to help suppliers prepare themselves to be competitive in the industry.

"The assessment by an impartial third party gives both supplier and customer a scorecard by which they arrive at realistic expectations going into the relationship," said Verkindt. She adds that the NeXsys assessment scorecard decreases risk, increases the quality of supplier information and in the end decreases supply chain costs and improves the quality and competitiveness of the supply base.

Rod Jones, Executive Director of the Ontario Aerospace Council as well as the founder of the AERO-Canada database, reflected on the importance of such a service. "Once a firm makes a connection with a supplier that has capabilities of interest, it is critical to really dig into the state of that organization to be confident that the business relationship will be successful for all. At OAC, we know the importance of having a valid and reliable assessment of a supplier's attributes, and we have developed several programs to help with this. To have a valid, reliable, streamlined system in one place, on one platform through technology, will really add value to the entire industry."

Founded in February 2012, OMX provides access to tens of thousands of Canadian companies by region, size, local content, certifications and capability, with effective software tools to manage supplier and customer relationships collaboratively across an organization. It consolidates all of the related information required to complete a project, which will make aerospace and defence contractors more competitive in a sector where stakes are high and entry costs can be heavy.

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