OMX teams up with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) to raise bar on Aboriginal relations in Canada

October 16, 2015, TORONTO, ON – OMX (Offset Market Exchange Inc.), a Canadian business-to-business marketplace and economic impact application has teamed up with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) to drive procurement opportunities from the Canadian Government to Aboriginal owned businesses. The OMX technology allows major government suppliers to post specific contract requirements and push them out to CCAB Certified Aboriginal owned (CAB) and Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certified companies for consideration. This will encourage increased participation by Aboriginal businesses in government contracts and provide real opportunities for these companies and engage with the industry. Furthermore, OMX helps government contractors track, analyze and report on real time data and economic impacts from its supply chain, particularly from Aboriginal owned businesses.

The CCAB Certified Aboriginal Business (CAB) Program certifies that Aboriginal businesses are 51% or more owned and controlled by an Aboriginal person(s). The CAB program ensures that Aboriginal businesses are easily identified by industry, government and other organizations and certified businesses can promote themselves using the designated CAB logo. The CCAB Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program confirms corporate performance in Aboriginal relations at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Certified companies promote their level with a PAR logo signaling to communities that they are reliable business partners, great places to work and are committed in the prosperity of all Aboriginal communities.

OMX President, Nicole Verkindt, expressed her enthusiasm in the partnership saying: "the Canadian Government procurement contracts over the next five years could bring billions of dollars of investment into the Canadian economy. It is absolutely crucial that Aboriginal businesses get access to these opportunities. It is equally important for government contractors to be aware of the importance of analyzing and reporting on the economic impacts they are planning to have (or have had) on the Aboriginal business community in Canada. The Canadian Government is starting to require more and more that procurement proposals include Aboriginal content, which is a great policy. The time for nice words is over; we need action. This partnership with CCAB is about making the connections happen, tracking and reporting - with actual data on the outcomes."

CCAB President and CEO JP Gladu stated: "CCAB is excited to be working with OMX. We are encouraged by their meaningful and actionable approach to engaging and partnering with Aboriginal businesses. Their commitment to exploring Aboriginal business opportunities through a new business lens unlocks the potential to find new markets and move the bottom line."

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Director, Analytical Communications

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Joseph Bastien
Senior Manager, Programs

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The OMX platform provides access to business opportunities to over 40,000 Canadian organizations to respond to, as well as provides independent third party Data Analytics on Economic Impacts from Government procurements. The company works with major foreign corporations bidding on Government procurements to Connect, Manage and Track their local content., including Aboriginal specific content.

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CCAB is committed to the full participation of Aboriginal peoples in Canada’s economy. A national non-profit, non-partisan association, CCAB offers knowledge, resources, and programs to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal owned companies that foster economic opportunities for Aboriginal peoples and businesses across Canada.