The OMX Story

A shift in the Canadian government over the past year has dramatically increased the focus on Canadian Content in upcoming military procurements, which have been outlined in the Canada First Defence Strategy.

Canada First Defence Strategy

Tom Jenkins, Special Advisor to Minister Rona Ambrose (Minister of Public Works) released the following report to the government, which was reported on in all major media outlets in Canada such as this. David Emerson released a similar report earlier in the year, which included many recommendations such as "the application and reporting procedures for programs used by the aerospace industry be simplified and streamlined, especially for smaller companies seeking modest levels of support and a "one stop" internet portal be used to provide information on, and links to, those programs".

Projection of IRB Obligations

The IRB spending is set to increase, and both Jenkins and Emerson agreed that the government needed to ensure maximum leverage and economic benefit to Canada from that spending.

Military Procurement Fix

In March 2013, the Federal Budget endorsed the plan to focus on job creation and "buy Canadian" in military procurement (article here).

Funded by Canadian government funding programs and Canadian investors, OMX was founded in January 2012. The software was designed, iterated and executed by a cross section of Industry leaders in Canada from companies such as Textron, DRS and Seaspan Marine Corporation.

OMX has been developing this customized, niche software in response to these changes, and was highly anticipated prior to its release by leading Canadian Defence writer, David Pugliese as well as the Star.

After 16 months of Industry feedback on necessary features and process, the OMX is excited to announce the official launch of the software on May 1st 2013 and hopes that as many Canadian companies get involved to use the system to learn about IRBs, prepare to supply to this industry, win contracts in the industry and streamline reporting on Canadian Content.