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China Steel Inc.

Head Office
164 Industrial Park Cres.
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
P6B 5P2

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Last Updated Jun 08, 2018

Organization profile

The Company, pronounced "Keena" Steel, is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada on the border with Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, USA. Our stategic central location at the Hub of the Great Lakes allows us to ship easily into the United States of America as well as to Eastern and Western Canada.

China Steel is a diversified supplier covering a full range of fabrication, conventional machining, CNC machining and material processing for the Industrial and commercial sectors.

Our company is Registered under the Canadian Controlled Goods Program (CGP).
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Country of Ownership
Ca Canada

Key industrial capabilities

Fully equipped metal fabrication shop.
Jet Edge 90,000psi CNC Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Table (13'-0" X 24'-0") - Two Cutting Heads.
Plasma/OxyFuel CNC Cutting Table (12'-6" X 82'-0") - Two Cutting Heads.

Fully equipped CNC Shop.
4-CNC Lathes
2-Double Column Verticle CNC Milling Centres.
1-CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
1-Mazak Intergrex CNC Universal Machining Centre.
1-Mazak Quick Turn Advanced CNC Turning Centre.

Conventional Machine Shop
2-Radial Drills
1-SLotter with Rotary Index Table

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332319 - Other Plate Work and Fabricated Structural Product Manufacturing, 332410 - Power Boiler and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing, 332420 - Metal Tank (Heavy Gauge) Manufacturing, 332710 - Machine Shops
3020 - Gears, Pulleys, Sprockets, and Transmission Chain 3040 - Miscellaneous Power Transmission Equipment 3465 - Production Jigs, Fixtures, and Templates 4030 - Fittings for Rope, Cable, and Chain 4330 - Centrifugals, Separators, and Pressure and Vacuum Filters 4410 - Industrial Boilers 4710 - Pipe, Tube and Rigid Tubing 4730 - Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, and Railing Fittings 5335 - Metal Screening 5360 - Coil, Flat, Leaf, and Wire Springs 5365 - Bushings, Rings, Shims, and Spacers 5430 - Storage Tanks 5440 - Scaffolding Equipment and Concrete Forms 5450 - Miscellaneous Prefabricated Structures 5660 - Fencing, Fences, Gates and Components 5670 - Building Components, Prefabricated 5680 - Miscellaneous Construction Materials 9520 - Structural Shapes 9540 - Structural Shapes, Nonferrous Base Metal 9905 - Signs, Advertising Displays, and Identification Plates AN24 - DRUGS DEPENDENCY (ENGINEERING) J000 - Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding and Installation of Goods/Equipment Y512 - Construction works for buildings Y513 - Construction work for civil engineering Y516 - Installation work Y515 - Special trade construction work Y517 - Building completion and finishing work
5120002472536 - Torque Wrench (Indicating) 5110002425385 - File (American Pattern) 5110002425386 - Hand File 5110002432004 - Hand Reamer - Taper Pin

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