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Allied Shipbuilders Ltd.

Head Office
1870 Harbour Rd.
North Vancouver, British Columbia
V7H 1A1

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Coast Engineering Works; Western Machine Works;McLaren & Sons, Naval Architects;
Last Updated Apr 17, 2018

Organization profile

Allied Shipbuilders Ltd. is a leading commercial shipbuilder and ship repairer in the Pacific Northwest.

In continuous operation since 1948, Allied Shipbuilders Ltd. has built 259 vessels ranging from small workboats and tugs to large Arctic icebreakers and vehicle ferries. In addition to new construction, Allied has performed thousands of repair, refit, and survey jobs on commercial and Crown vessels. Allied has built a reputation of performing all of our work efficiently and to an exceptionally high standard.

Beyond our core ship construction and repair business, Allied... more »

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada

Key industrial capabilities

Ship Construction, Module Construction, Ship Repair, Drydocking, Marine Design, Marine Engineering, Steel Fabrication, Steel Welding, Aluminum Fabrication, Aluminum Welding, Pipe Fabrication, Machinery Installation, Marine Machining, Marine Joinery, Marine Electrical, Marine Electronics, Sandblasting, Marine Coating Application, Project Management


336611 - Ship Building and Repairing
6615 - Automatic Pilot Mechanisms and Airborne Gyro Components
5110012414373 - Straight Trimmer's Shears

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