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Abuma Manufacturing Limited

Head Office
531 Admiral Dr.
London, Ontario
N5V 4L6

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Abuma Manufacturing, Abuma
Last Updated Jun 06, 2018

Organization profile

Specializing in contract fabrication that could include: fabrication, 95% Canadian Content Value, Southern Ontario SME, simulators, process equipment, welding, upper level assembly, component production, kitting and pre-delivery testing of our clients designs.

Capabilities include:
- metal fabrication (Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Monel, Carbon Steel)
- laser cutting
- bending
- welding
- assembly
- kitting
- build to print fabricator

Recent products include:
- land based simulators
- tank simulator
- vehicle simulator
- simulator fabrication
- electrical... more »

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada

Key industrial capabilities

Southern Ontario SME with average Canadian Content Value of 95%, Build to Print specialists for military and defence technology clients looking for high quality and time sensitive delivery.
- Two 6kW CO2 Bystronic lasers
- Up to 19mm cutting capacity
- Sheet size up to 3m x 4m
- Tube and profiles up to 400 mm diameter
- Automated Storage & Retrieval system for storing 260,800 KG of flat sheet inventory for lasers
- Automated Storage & Retrieval system for storing 43,500 KG of long bar inventory for lasers and saw centre
- Robotic GMAW... more »


23242400 - Machining centers
332319 - Other Plate Work and Fabricated Structural Product Manufacturing, 332999 - All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
2350 - Combat, Assault, and Tactical Vehicles, Tracked 2510 - Vehicular Cab, Body, and Frame Structural Components 2590 - Miscellaneous Vehicular Components 3920 - Material Handling Equipment, Nonself-Propelled 3990 - Miscellaneous Materials Handling Equipment 4610 - Water Purification Equipment 4630 - Sewage Treatment Equipment 5805 - Telephone and Telegraph Equipment 8140 - Ammunition and Nuclear Ordnance Boxes, Packages and Special Containers 8145 - Specialized Shipping and Storage Containers AN24 - DRUGS DEPENDENCY (ENGINEERING)
5120002472536 - Torque Wrench (Indicating) 5110002684224 - Wire Stripper (Manually Operated)

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