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150 East Dr.
Brampton, Ontario
L6T 1C1

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Last Updated May 15, 2018

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Aircraft Appliances and Equipment Limited (AAE) is a wholly Canadian owned engineering company engaged in the design, manufacture, repair and overhaul, and distribution of equipment for aircraft and naval ships.

Founded in 1949, initially the company's operation was the repair and overhaul of aircraft accessories and the distribution of aircraft electrical product accessories to Canadian owners and users of aircraft built by U.S. companies. Over time expertise has been developed in the areas of design engineering and manufacturing.

In the field of avionics testing equipment, the... more »

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada

Key industrial capabilities

In 1959 the firm designed and began the manufacture of fuel filters and also pioneered the development of coalescers for the separation of water and solid contaminants from lubricating and fuel systems for marine gas turbine power plants. The design and manufacture of aircraft tachometer generators commenced in 1966. These generators, meet all the requirements of MS25038-1.-2,-4, and GEU-7/A. They are primarily designed to provide power for speed-indication systems in aircraft, including helicopters for both military and commercial application. AAE has also designed and manufactured... more »


336410 - Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing
1290 - Miscellaneous Fire Control Equipment 1560 - Airframe Structural Components 1615 - Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms and Components 1620 - Aircraft Landing Gear Components 1630 - Aircraft Wheel and Brake Systems 1650 - Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum, and De-icing System Components 1660 - Aircraft Air Conditioning, Heating, and Pressurizing Equipment 1720 - Aircraft Launching Equipment 1730 - Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment 2010 - Ship and Boat Propulsion Components 2040 - Marine Hardware and Hull Items 2090 - Miscellaneous Ship and Marine Equipment 2810 - Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Aircraft Prime Mover; and Components 2840 - Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving; and Components 2895 - Miscellaneous Engines and Components 2910 - Engine Fuel System Components, Nonaircraft 2915 - Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft and Missile Prime Movers 2925 - Engine Electrical System Components, Aircraft Prime Moving 2930 - Engine Cooling System Components, Nonaircraft 2935 - Engine System Cooling Components, Aircraft Prime Moving 2940 - Engine Air and Oil Filters, Strainers, and Cleaners, Nonaircraft 2945 - Engine Air and Oil Filters, Cleaners, Aircraft Prime Moving 2995 - Miscellaneous Engine Accessories, Aircraft 3694 - Clean Work Stations, Controlled Environment, and Related Equipment 4120 - Air Conditioning Equipment 4210 - Fire Fighting Equipment 4330 - Centrifugals, Separators, and Pressure and Vacuum Filters 4460 - Air Purification Equipment 4720 - Hose and Flexible Tubing 4730 - Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, and Railing Fittings 4820 - Valves, Nonpowered 4920 - Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment 4930 - Lubrication and Fuel Dispensing Equipment 4940 - Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment 5410 - Prefabricated and Portable Buildings 5950 - Coils and Transformers 5977 - Electrical Contact Brushes and Electrodes 5998 - Electrical and Electronic assemblies, Boards, Cards, and Associated Hardware 6007 - Filters 6340 - Aircraft Alarm and Signal Systems AJ95 - R&D-OTHER SCIENCES-OPSY DEV
5120002423264 - Torque Wrench (Indicating) 4330010036791 4330011934011 4730013835529 4730013840915 4810012130999 4810013916411 4820011142564 4820011406145 4820012255803 4920012857924 5998010336373 6110001346541 6110012393128 6110013892487 6620005538892 6680001792175 6680005851503 6680008151905 6680009209213 6680009238466 6685006199840

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