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Takumi Manufacturing

Head Office
985 Richmond St.
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5J5

Takumi Manufacturing Claimed

NH Global Design Inc.; Takumi Manufacturing, 171463 Ontario Inc.
Last Updated Jun 02, 2018

Organization profile

Realizing there was a need for low volume production machining, NH global Design took their experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of custom fixtures and created Takumi Manufacturing in 2007.Since its start up in 1995, NH Global Design Inc has continued to build on its founding vision of manufacturing that would surpass customer expectations. As well to compliment our success we can provide 100% Canadian Content to help our customers meet their IRB obligations.This involves the conceptualization and manufacture of a wide range of custom applications, including operator... more »

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada

Key industrial capabilities

Takumi has assembled a highly skilled team of manufacturing and production engineers. We can ensure that your contract machining needs are always met. We are competitive because of appropriate equipment specifications, automation and our process control optimizes tooling set up.

We have cnc 1 software.
Vertical CNC 22 X 40 in beds
Horizontal CNC 500 mm pallets
Broach 24 in stroke
2 CNC lathes
100% Canadian content value to assist in IRB obligations.
Robotics integration.
3D Modelling
light assembly
Design & build special purpose machinery &
automation equipment. ie:... more »


332710 - Machine Shops
2520 - Vehicular Power Transmission Components 3448 - Riveting Machines 3460 - Machine Tool accessories 3530 - Industrial Sewing Machines and Mobile Textile Repair Shops 3611 - Industrial Marking Machines 3990 - Miscellaneous Materials Handling Equipment
5110002432004 - Hand Reamer - Taper Pin

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