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newstart landscaping&contracting ltd

Head Office
36463, 73rd St R.R. 3, S25, C36
Oliver, British Columbia
V0H 1T0

newstart landscaping&contracting ltd

Last Updated Jan 22, 2018

Organization profile


Country of Ownership
Ca Canada


238910 - Site Preparation Contractors, 561730 - Landscaping Services, 561799 - All Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings
2510 - Vehicular Cab, Body, and Frame Structural Components AE33 - MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY (ADVANCED) AP55 - R&D-NAT RES-MARINE & OCEAN-OPSY DEV
4210010810418 - Hoseline Tee with Capped Male Branch 5120002241540 - Lineman's Pliers (Non-Magnetic/Non-Spark 5120002772327 - Open End Wrench (Tappet)

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