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Sea-Image Corporation

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20-4560 West Saanich Rd
Victoria, British Columbia
V8Z 3G4

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Last Updated Jun 02, 2018

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Sea-Image Corporation. specializes in the distribution of leading edge products for the marine industry and public safety agencies

The WaMoS II wave radar system measures the height, speed, direction, and wavelength of ocean waves, as well as surface currents, in real time using the output from the vessel's X-band radar. Used by navies, oceanographic institutions, and offshore platforms around the world, it is for the mariner who is concerned about the role that seastate plays in ship management, and seeks to have the latest in available technology. The system has also been purchased or... more »

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada


417320 - Electronic Components, Navigational and Communications Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors, 417310 - Computer, Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler-Distributors
2060 - Commercial Fishing Equipment 2090 - Miscellaneous Ship and Marine Equipment 5840 - Radar Equipment, Except Airborne 5845 - Underwater Sound Equipment 6320 - Shipboard Alarm and Signal Systems 7030 - ADP Software AN36 - R&D-ALCOHOL DEPENDENCY-MGMT SUP AN47 - R&D-HEALTH SVCS-COMERCLIZ AC00 - Defense Systems B109 - Other Environmental Studies B005 - Oceanological Studies T017 - General Photographic Services - Motion
5120002527720 - Craftsmans Tweezers - Smooth Jaw, Slim T 5120002612817 - Socket (Long Length)

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