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HCL Logistics Inc

Head Office
2290 Scanlon Street
London, Ontario
N5W 6G7

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Last Updated May 16, 2018

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HCL Logistics is your supply chain partner and economical advantage!

We strive to ensure our customers achieve "Best Value" in connecting their suppliers to their manufacturing process. HCL Logistics provides secure warehousing facilities and accurate RF tracking of your material to ensure product availability in a timely manner. With over 13 years management experience in the Defence industry and over 34 years experience in the warehousing and supply chain sector we are able to offer full service third party logistics solutions and warehousing world wide.

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Country of Ownership
Ca Canada

Key industrial capabilities

HCL Logistics uses the latest storage and material handling equipment to maximize square footage utilization and expidited performance. Our warehouse management system is compatible with all major ERP systems for complete EDI communication.
HCL Logistics is a Canadian company which specializes in Defense warehousing and distribution that caters to its International customer's production and after market initiatives. HCL has achieved for it's customers, cost reduction through the elimination of wasted space and process time.

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