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Brotech Precision CNC Inc.

Head office
526 Bryne Drive, Unit D2
Barrie, Ontario
L4N 9P6

Brotech Precision CNC Inc. Claimed

Last Updated Jun 02, 2018

Organization profile

Brotech is a precision CNC machining company servicing the world's critical industries. Founded in 1995, we provide outsourced manufacturing to the Aerospace, Defense, Nuclear, Medical and Oil & Gas industries.

We strive to build excellence into our products as well as all of our business processes.

Capabilities include:
-CNC machining
-Machine shop
- CMM measurement
- 5-axis milling
- large diameter turning
- tightest tolerances

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada

Key industrial capabilities

Difficult to manufacture parts, all materials.
Milling and Turning
5-axis milling
Milling up to 25" x 50"
Turning up to 23" OD and 80" length


332721 - Precision Turned Product Manufacturing , 336410 - Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing, 332710 - Machine Shops, 321919 - Other Millwork

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