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Arc4dia Labs Inc.
Last Updated Jun 02, 2018

Organization profile

Founded by former specialized members of the Canadian military and intelligence community, Arc4dia possesses unmatched experience combating a sophisticated form of cyber attack known as Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs.

Arc4dia’s team includes handpicked experts with the technical know-how and operational experience of having exploited the world’s most heavily fortified IT systems, undetected by the in-place defensive systems and IT security operators.

Arc4dia’s unique experience and in-depth knowledge of offensive tactics enables Arc4dia to “think” like the adversary. Arc4dia... more »

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada

Key industrial capabilities

Cyber threats range from traditional commodity threats (worms, Trojan horse, malware) at one end of the spectrum to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) at the other.

Most large firms are relatively well prepared to combat commodity threats using commercial software and hardware and by applying industry best practices. Commodity threats are dangerous and firms must use appropriate safeguards; however, these threats generally cause only low to moderate disruption to company operations.

In contrast, APTs combine social engineering and custom malicious developed software to target... more »

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