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Naizil Inc.

12667 Coleraine Drive
Bolton, Ontario
L7E 3B5

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Last Updated Mar 15, 2018

Organization profile

Naizil Canada, located in Bolton, Ontario, Canada is a manufacturer of vinyl-coated fabrics since 1987.

Our Mission:

Being a part of our clients project process is how Naizil Canada strives to shape the future of coated fabrics.

A commitment to delivering quality coated fabrics and service to all customers while developing new products for the industrial textile industry.

Naizil Military Fabrics are proudly Made in Canada for all North American customers. We produce coated fabrics and use the highest level quality materials.
Our fabrics are used for: shelter, military tents,... more »

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada

Key industrial capabilities

1. Formulating and Mixing plastisols and other polymer compounds.
2. Coating of industrial fabrics.
3. Testing of Textiles (physical, color, weathering, abrasion and more)
4. Color measurements including IR reflectance.


8305 - Textile Fabrics
8305200035826 8305200035825

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