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Bray Controls Canada Ltd.

Head Office
377, rue McCaffrey
Saint-laurent, Quebec
H4T 1Z7

Bray Controls Canada Ltd. Claimed

Bray Contrôles Canada Ltée, Division de Bray International
Last Updated Jan 28, 2018

Organization profile

Bray Controls is a leading global manufacturer of flow control and isolation solutions applicable to the Steel & Valves, manual valves, automated valves, and control valves product categories. Our Canadian footprint includes three brick and mortar locations, with millions of dollars’ worth of install base, including a strong network of channel partners for MRO and service type support.

We further support our clients scheduling, technical and logistical requirements by owning and having complete oversight of the means of production, as well as our extensive warehousing, design and... more »

Country of Ownership
Ca Canada


40141656 - Flange type butterfly valve, 40141607 - Ball valves, 40141618 - Ball check valves
332910 - Metal Valve Manufacturing
5120002431689 - Socket Extension (Solid Shank)

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