Supply chain data platform

Our collaborative ESG assessment platform lets users understand the socioeconomic impacts of organizations globally.

Project management
Business network
The platform

From sourcing data on your suppliers to manage and report on local socioeconomic impacts

Project and procurement management

Leverage the platform as part of your organization's entire procurement lifecycle.

A platform for analyzing supply chain data

OMX is a powerful supply chain data platform that is used for organizations to track the socioeconomic impacts of their supply chain

Data analytics
Generate statistics, graphics, and interactive data
Collaborative timelines
Work within your organization and supply chain
Supply chain modelling
Compare suppliers against costs and socioeconomic impacts

Manage your global supply chain


Leverage your reporting

How it works

Manage your global supply chain

OMX was built for project management within large and complex supply chains.

  • Manage and oversee the entire procurement lifecycle - from identifying suppliers and specific socioeconomic objectives to final reporting on impacts
  • Choose supply chain, sustainability, business development, stakeholder relations or finance user roles
  • Organize tasks, timelines, and milestones across your organization
  • Direct your suppliers and track their approved, pending, and forecast progress
  • Utilize OMX's internal messaging and document repository for managing documentation
  • Initiate programs and track against requirements, including custom options such as small business, regional, local, Indigenous, veteran, and woman-owned businesses, as well as ESG and sustainability objectives
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How it works

Leverage your reporting

Get maximum value out of your supply chain with analytics and socioeconomic reporting

  • Establish sustainability or socioeconomic targets
  • Track ongoing supply chain spend against those targets
  • Automatically generate reporting
  • Show key local spend data such as jobs created and socioeconomic impact
  • Display statistics as graphics, maps, and other interactive data
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